TSM vs. FW | Group Stage Day 7 | 2017 World Championship | TSM vs Flash Wolves

2017 World Championship Group Stage Day 7 #Worlds2017

TSM vs. Flash Wolves

TSM Lineup:
Hauntzer – Top Cho’Gath
Svenskeren – Jungle Gragas
Bjergsen – Mid Cassiopeia
Doublelift – ADC Tristana
Biofrost – Support Lulu

Flash Wolves Lineup:
MMD – Top Renekton
Karsa – Jungle Sejuani
Maple – Mid Corki
Betty – ADC Kog’Maw
SwordArT – Support Janna

Watch all matches of the split here from all of our leagues: NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK Champions Korea, LPL. FULL VOD PLAYLIST – https://www.youtube.com/user/LoLChampSeries/playlists?view=50&shelf_id=72&sort=dd

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MSF vs. WE | Group Stage Day 7 | 2017 World Championship | Misfits Gaming vs Team WE TSM vs FW Worlds Group Stage Match Highlights 2017
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