Top 10 „Perfect Execution“ Moments in League of Legends

League of Legends / LoL Top 10 Plays Episode 4 – Perfect Combos, Unbelievable Outplays, and 200 IQ Pro Moments!

LoL Worlds 2019 Live Ticker Stream

10- Zelnight on Ekko
9- Sanom on Gangplank
8- Raiven on Kindred
7- Aggressively Gay on Evelynn (
6- Sander Frost on Singed
5- Nicogin on Rakan
4- Osama Vin Laden on Bard
3- TAXISnet on Morgana
2- DickyT on Kog’Maw
1- Greekktofreakk2 on Tristana
Bonus- Híde on bush on Akali
Bonus- cenèF on Tristana
Bonus- SongForYall on Annie
Bonus- AFK SqeakyClean on Twitch (
Bonus- Dank Karma on Lee Sin
Bonus- Nativ D Yoda on Ryze (
Bonus- ail wet on Lee Sin

►Music in this League of Legends Top 10 Plays provided by Monstercat:

1) WRLD – Awake (feat. Colordrive)

2) Draper – All I See (feat. Laura Brehm)

3) Puppet & Cormak – Enough Is Enough (feat. Richard Caddock)

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