Top 10 Greatest Pro Outplays in League of Legends History

Top 10 Greatest Pro Outplays in League of Legends / LoL History! The Best Moments of All Time from SKT Faker, TSM Bjergsen, SSG Crown, and SHR Uzi!

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10) SSW Mata & SSW Imp – Worlds 2014
9) C9 Rush – NA LCS Spring 2016
8) SSG Crown – Worlds 2016
7) TL FeniX – NA LCS Summer 2015
6) SHR Uzi (Tristana) – Worlds 2014
5) SKT Faker (Ahri) – Worlds 2013
4) SHR Uzi (Vayne) – LPL 2014
3) EDG Pawn – LPL Spring 2015
2) SKT Faker (Zed) – OGN HOT6 LOL Champions Summer 2013
1) FNC xPeke – IEM Katowice 2013

Honorable Mentions:

1) CJ Entus Bdd on Zed
2) SKT Faker on Fizz
3) CLG Stixxay on Ezreal
4) TSM Bjergsen on Zed
5) SKT Faker on Riven
6) OG Soaz on Kennen
7) Ganked by mom on Lissandra
8) SKT Faker on Orianna

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