SAVING PRIVATE JINX – League of Legends Top 10 Plays Ep. 1

League of Legends / LoL Top 10 Plays – Unbelievable Outplays, Support Saves and other Best Plays of this week!

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10- Miiso on Jayce
9- Kent Carry on Twitch (
8- PROJECT Faceroll on Kayne
7- Blue Team’s Bot (Featuring Little Vinny on Jinx
6- A D I K T on Anivia (
5- Cellybeary on Lee Sin
4- Dantkun on Lucian
3- WOOD 5 on Yasuo (
2- Myname is Batman on Sivir (
1- Stýle on Gnar
Bonus- Hipopotizado on Jinx

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1) Title: Chardonnay (feat. Karra) by Conro from Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 1
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2) Title: Want You by Orbiter from Orbiter
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