Pingu, The Defiler has surfaced

An ancient force has risen from the depths of Freljord’s eternal glaciers. Pingu, feared by most as ‚The Defiler‘, has been a gruesome myth among the Runeterran population. Now, he surfaced and proved the old stories right. Learn more about the reason for his sudden appearance, how he will add to The League and why Teemo should be more afraid than ever!

Few have lived to tell the tale of this fearsome creature. Wherever Pingu emerges, he leaves behind a trail of destruction and a degree devastation only hinting at the bloody violence this wicked beast makes use of.
Scientists from all over Valoran agree on one thing: In no possible way can Pingu be from this world and he must have been jammed in the ice of Freljord for many centuries.
As of now, Dr. Mundo was the only one to have barely survived his attacks and only with the help of the Judicator Kayle.
Dr Mundo has tried to put down what he remembered of Pingu’s outer appearance. See above for what Pingu might look like.

Here’s what could be found out about his set of skills:

  • Bird is the word (passive): All types of attacks, physical and magical in nature, are being warped to Pingu’s home planet and back to Runeterra. This changes any damage taken from physical to magical and from magical to physical damage before reductions are applied.
  • Splish-Splash:  Pingu splashes around in a tiny puddle of water which looks just so unbelievably adorable. He hereby makes enemies around him aware that he really is a cute little thingy which stuns them for 2 seconds.
    Enemies that are already frozen suffer a large amount of damage.
  • Icy Emprisonment: Pingu channels his destructive powers and hits up to 3 enemies in a cone-shape in front of him with giant icebergs. If this skill hits an enemy, Pingu will fall to the ground and start laughing really hard. Whenever the Icebergs hit an enemy afflicted by Titanic Mark, they drown and Celine Dion starts to sing.
  • Voidpoke: Pingu dissolves in an icy puddle for 0.5 seconds and reappears next to a random enemy Champion. If he finds an enemy champion not yet afflicted by Titanic Mark, Pingu can reactivate this ability to cast Titanic Mark within 10 seconds. If Titanic Mark hits, Voidpoke’s cooldown gets reset.
  • Blizzard of Doom (Ultimate): Pingu concentrates for 2 seconds, uncovering all enemy Champions afflicted by Titanic Mark. After slowing down time, Pingu frantically flaps his wings which causes every Titanic Mark on the map to explode in a Blizzard of blood and bones. If Pingu aces the enemy team with it, he puts on a pair of sunglasses.


The origin of this merciless slayer is still completely unknown. Certain events are hinting at the possibility that Pingu entered Runeterra through The Void. After being imprisoned for over 1000 years Pingu appointed himself the newest addition to the Fields of Justice. As Noxus and Ionia voiced their concern, Pingu threw a tantrum and levelled several villages and landscapes. How Pingu was able to escape Freljord’s eternal glaciers is a mystery. Ashe, Queen of Freljord, urged to be on the lookout for an accomplice of Pingu’s.
No one knows where Pingu is lingering or where he will show up next. The members of the Lightshield line have gathered around their King, Jarvan III to discuss alliances with all other major cities of Valoran to confront the new evil. The brightest inventors of Piltover are said to be working on a secret weapon powerful enough to eradicate Pingu’s immense powers. Others are researching The Defiler’s origin to ultimately find a way to lock him up forever in the glaciers from which he rose.

The future of Runeterra lies in the hands of the fiercest summoners that the League has to offer.
Will you be able to hold back The Defiler?

„There is no greater grief than for a loss that is yet to come.“
— Zilean

What will be Zilean's role?

We will keep you posted on the newest events revolving about the looming threat.
Be wary, summoners! Pingu is still somewhere out there, waiting to strike!


It seems that Teemo has vanished completely. Sources fear he might have been devoured by the sheer power of The Defiler. As the first and only suspect, Singed seems to have submerged without a trace. Singed is also said to be the head of RiotGames Inc. and some think he might be Pingu’s secret accomplice.