Urgot Gameplay Rework

urgot_splash_0Lead Champion Designer Meddler gab  am Wochenende bekannt welche Änderungen  an  Urgot vorgenommen  werden. Er meinte aber das es keine großartigen  visuellen  Überarbeitungen geben wird. Die Änderungen  betreffen dann  ausschließlich Skills und funktionelle Anpassung mit neuen visuellen  Effekten.

Urgot sei  zwar auf der Liste für eine grafische Überarbeitung, aber vor ihm  sind dann  noch  Sion und Poppy.

Der Plan  siehe vor das Urgot einige Änderungen  erfahren  wird. Die werden laut Meddler zwar nicht alle Probleme beheben, ihn allerdings auf einen besseren Stand bringen. Diese Änderungen werden über mehrere Patches verteilt werden.


Hey all.

Long delayed update here and a change of plans. My original hope had been that we’d be able to rework Urgot‘s gameplay without needing substantial art support. That’s proven to be too optimistic however, with the sort of changes we’d like to make including some new skills and other functionality changes that need animation, spell effects, sound and potentially model changes. Urgot is on our list for such a full rework, that’s a ways off though (Sion‘s up next for major reworks, and we’ve been tentatively discussing Poppy as an option for after that, though that’s not yet certain). As a result the new plan’s to do some much shorter term work on Urgot that, while it won’t fix everything, should help out on some of his issues and get him into a better spot until we’re free to do larger scale work on him.

That shorter term work’s potentially going to be split into a couple of patches. The first (and I’m guessing that would be around patch 4.15, though not certain on that yet) focusing on some general cleanup and quality of life, with a possible follow up set of changes to add in a bit more power if appropriate.

Tentative list of changes we’re looking at for that first patch (note, not yet in testing, so may well change):


Basic attack missile speed increased to 1600 (from 1300)

– Given Urgot‘s short attack range a more responsive auto attack’s appropriate for the risk he’s often putting himself in

Recommended item update

Some minor visual effects clean up


Acid Hunters now check for Noxian Corrosive Charge on both start and end of Acid Hunter cast

– Currently only checks at start of cast, penalizing swift follow up shots after firing the E at long range and attempts to sneak in a final homing shot as Noxian Corrosive Charge is close to expiring)

Mana cost increased to 50 (from 40), half mana cost refunded on kill

– Primary goal here is to punish Urgot less for last hitting with Acid Hunters when he needs to. Slight increase in cost to maintain a bit more harass cost, though still aiming to have this be a net buff to Urgot‘s mana usage.


CD reduced to 120/110/100 (from 120)

– Adding a bit of late game power, without increasing his potential lane bully case

Mana cost reduced to 100 (from 120)

– Standardization with standard ult mana cost.

 Zitat von Meddler


Quelle: leagueoflegends.com

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