Interview with Peter „Yellowpete“ Wüppen Hi! Would you please introduce yourself to start with?
Hey, my name is Peter „yellowpete“ Wüppen, I play AD Carry for Evil Geniuses and I currently live with the rest of my team in Cologne where we play weekly matches in the LCS. Did you look up to any LoL-player before going pro?
I never really had anyone particular I looked up to in the game, but I sure saw who was successful and I tried to understand and reproduce what they were doing to improve. How long are you a member of EG now and how did you originally find your way into EG?
I have been playing with my current team for around 15 months now, last year under the name of, this year as Evil Geniuses. Initially, Wickd asked me and Krepo to join their lineup when they were about to sign with CLG, and I happily accepted. EG or rather CLG.EU has always been known for taking matches to the late-game. How would you describe your team’s current play-style?
The way of playing the game that we have made ourselves known for during our time as was very methodical and slow – gaining small advantages at a time, holding on until lategame where superior teamfighting ability would often win us games. This season though, we have realized that this approach doesn’t really work that well for us anymore. This is partially due to other teams getting better at understanding the game flow and exploiting it and partially due to the gameplay changes that have been introduced for season 3. Thus, the new approach that we are trying to implement features a lot more active gameplay during the early- and midgame and is more similar to what other teams have been doing for a long time now. Your roster hasn’t changed from the start about two years ago. How do you guys handle living together? Do you spend your free time together?
This season is not the first time that we have lived together – we already spent around 6 months constantly together during the last year where we played tournaments in Korea, the USA and various other countries. Thus, the situation isn’t really new to us and we are already well adjusted to each other. We do a lot of things together such as going to the gym, cooking or going out on very rare occasions. That being said, the amount of time we have next to solo- and teampractice is rather limited. Can you describe your reaction to your win over M5 at the Dreamhack 2012? (VOD:
That was an exceptional game and very much typical for how we used to play and win games at that time. Even though it actually didn’t mean much during the tournament as it was just a groupstage game, it is being remembered far better than our actual final wins against M5. It is obviously quite an epic feeling to win a game such as this, although one cannot deny that it was not only won by our own effort. How do you see the current state of the role of AD-Carry?
The role of the AD-Carry in LoL has not changed drastically from season 2 to season 3. Itemization is a little bit trickier nowadays due to a lot of added options but overall you are still doing the same thing – providing high sustained damage output for your team. Even with the introduced nerfs, you can still fill that role quite well with the options that are being given to you. That having said, I do not think that any team composition must necessarily have an AD-Carry amongst them. Is there any item that you would like to see changed? (e.g.: Randuins Omen)?
If I was to change an item, it would probably be Zhonya’s Hourglass as I believe the stasis it currently provides is a little bit too powerful and makes it too easy for some champions to reset their cooldowns in a teamfight. I’m sure your team has a certain goal for the LCS. Which is yours?
Initially we obviously wanted to end up as high as possible in the rankings. From our current standpoint, achieving 3rd place and then having to face a probably weaker opponent in the playoffs would be great. At the sixth week of LCS you played and lost against the Copenhagen Wolves and immediately stuck your heads together on the stage. What did you talk about?
After our last match in Lille, we just talked about the game as it had a lot of epic moments and split decisions. We were still relatively pumped up from the thrill of the game. Is there a duo-lane that you particularly dislike playing against?
I do not like to play against Draven – his earlygame potential is just crazy and forces you into a very defensive style of laning until you can finally match him in usefulness. Do you have any plans for your future after being a professional player?
When I stop being a professional player, I would still like to stay affiliated with Esports – I feel it is a rather exciting business and one that I would definitely like to invest time and effort into. If that for some reason is not possible or I change my mind about it, I will probably end up doing something in the field of computer science, as that is the subject I used to study before I started playing LoL professionally. If you were in Riot’s place, is there anything that you would like to change in the game?
In my opinion, the most important thing that needs to be implemented very soon is a funtioning official replay system. With how big professional Esports in League of Legends are growing, not having that feels like a big hinderance to everyone, players and spectators alike. Is there any player that you see as THE rising star?
I don’t really have an eye on anyone particular regarding that – then again, I am not really looking actively for talent whereever I go either. You are currently ‚only‘ placed fourth in the LCS. Wickd has given his view of the issue on his Facebook already.
Do you agree with him?

I think that Wickd definitely addressed some core issues in that post, I agree that our individual level of play in comparison to other teams/players has gone down and that it is probably the biggest factor keeping us from achieving better results at the moment. That being said, we’re actively looking for ways to address this very problem. Okay, thank you very much Peter. Is there anything you would like to shout out to your fans?
Thanks to all our fans and supporters that had our back in good and in bad times, you guys rock. Also, thanks to our sponsors: Raidcall, Razer, Astro and Monster.

Interviewed from Sander