A Community Idea: 5v5v5 Game Mode and Map

An article from the official forums posted one year ago has gained new attention along the German community. This post featured an idea for a new map that would bring a 5 on 5 on 5 mode into the game.
Read on to get right into the complete article, translated into English for your convenience.


Here’s how TGSN4K3 explains his idea:

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In collaboration with several friends I came up with a new game mode that also brings a new map into the game.
In this mode, 3 teams are fighting each other using 5 players in each team.
One goal of the match would be to completely drain the enemy teams‘ tokens by scoring kills or taking over and holding strategic points. Another way of winning is simply to destroy inhibitors and the enemy ‚Nexi‘.

  • Each of the team bases has 4 openings; between each two bases there are one rimlane and one midlane.
  • The rimlanes are the shortest way into the enemy base.
  • The midlanes on the other hand will have the more complex gameplay and will be much more action-packed since they will lead 3-6 laning champions directly to 3 important strategic points as well as a boss monster of the Baron Nashor-type.
  • Another of these strategic points will be located along each of the rimlanes, creating a total of 6 strategic points on the map.

Furthermore, there will be 3 teleport platforms, one in each third of the jungle.
These platforms will be enabled 5:00 minutes into the game and allow each player to teleport to any non-contested strategic point currently occupied by their team. If the chosen strategic point is being contested, the teleport location will be set to another strategic point owned by the team.
This makes it extremely important for the jungler to keep the strategic points on their own side.

20 minutes into the game there will be an option to spawn one out of two different buff-creeps in the centre of the map;
Once all three strategic points in the centre are occupied by one team, a creep (no name, yet) carrying the White Buff will spawn – the White Buff will increase each team member’s attributes by 12%.
If one team is to hold all 6 strategic points at a time, a more powerful creep spawns (no name, yet) carrying the Black Buff – the Black Buff will be increasing each team member’s attributes by 12% as well as slowing all nearby enemies by 7%.
Either of the buffs will have a duration of 4 minutes.
This game mode is all about timing and team play. Losing strategic points will cost you time and grant your enemies more money.

Taking over a strategic point will result two things:
1. Each team member will be granted 3 gold every 10 seconds.
2. Both enemy teams lose 2 tokens every 6 seconds.

Occupying more than one strategic point will reinforce the buffs by the following:
Gold: Each team member will be granted 3/5/7/9/11/13 gold
Tokens: Both enemy teams lose 2 tokens every 6/5/4/3/2/1 second(s).

General info about the game mode:
The token system will be the same as on Dominion while destroying each enemy Nexus will win the game early.
Minion kills grant about 25% less gold.

What do you think of this game mode? What changes would you make and what would you add?

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Source: leagueoflegends.com